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1,500 hits

28th January 2009
1,500 visits to this site in its first 5 months. Created December 2008. Launched 7 January 2009 (the busiest day to date with 56 hits). 1,000 users by 5 April. 1,400 hits by 19 May.  1,500 hits by 10 June.
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Your own Social Networking site?

27th January 2009
Create your own social networking site, like Facebook, for free. Designed for collaborations, workgroups and social groups all kinds, you can create a private social network (you approve membership) or a public one that's open to all. Once people have joined your network, members can share their blogs, message, post, share media and so on. Educators are increasingly using Ning for collaborations and its use…
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Personalised support for small businesses

22nd January 2009
A great day at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth's Enterprise Pavilion. Fifty people focused on supporting small and new businesses, particularly those in the cultural and creative industries. Much discussion on entrepeneurialism, peer learning, mentoring, training, encouraging creativity and innovation, developing leadership skills, understanding markets, building networks... It seems that highly personalised learning experiences are invaluable in giving startups and those considering self-employment the confidence…
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New OU vice chancellor (from Microsoft)

19th January 2009
Martin Bean, Open University (OU) Vice Chancellor designate, gave a talk at the OU Milton Keynes on Monday. On appointment he had said: It is an honour to have been selected as the next Vice-Chancellor of The Open University. It is a unique and amazing institution that has changed the lives of millions through its commitment to furthering social justice and to making higher education…
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Coaching lower-wage workers

13th January 2009
A recent study shows that everyone, at every level, can benefit from coaching and mentoring. In 2008,  seven lower-wage workers were coached over a period of approximately three months to determine if coaching was effective, and what coaching issues may be specific to such workers. It became clear that coaching was indeed a powerful tool for facilitating career development and personal development. A number of…
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Coaching through the recession

8th January 2009
Businesses looking to enhance creativity and productivity during turbulent times could find the answer in coaching. Addressing meaning and purpose in coaching sessions helps people to be more creative, more productive and reach their full potential, suggests a survey of more than 1,000 coaches carried out by Coaching at Work and the Association for Coaching. Top of the benefits cited were: increased work productivity (20…
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What’s Stopping You?

7th January 2009
What's stopping you working for yourself? 12th February saw a BusinessLink event, in Cowes, for women who were thinking of working for themselves or who had been trading for a year or so. Working for yourself has some big advantages. But, whether you have just started or you are just starting to think about whether it could be the right move for you, it can…
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e-learning at Solent, LeedsMet & Hallam

2nd January 2009
Oxbridge "has little online "buzz", reports the Times Higher Education Supplement. Oxford and Cambridge are near the top in university rankings but, on the web, do they have a buzz about them?  A new league table from Portfolio Communications that measures what is being said about universities online in blogs and on news websites... suggests not.  According to the rankings, those enjoying the most positive…
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Straightforward communication

29th December 2008
The CIPD's annual barometer forecast is that the UK economy will shed at least 600,000 jobs in 2009. Overall, the 18-month period from the start of the recession in mid-2008 until the end of 2009 will witness the loss of around three quarters of a million jobs, equivalent to the total net rise in employment in the preceding three years. Mr Philpott said job losses…
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My Open University update

16th December 2008
I'm visiting the Open University (OU) today for a technology update on e-learning and media technologies. OU Colleagues whom I worked with in 2007-8 have given me the latest news on learning design, e-assessment, online collaboration and learning media. I'm compelled to give some things a try from here, so keep an eye out.
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University of Southampton

Coaching, teaching and employability projects to develop academic staff, students and researchers. I career coached MBA students each year and project managed the design of a massive open online course (MOOC) on Digital Marketing, attracting 17,000 learners.


Writing national guidelines to help staff manage internships and placements

St. George’s Hospital

Working on career development strategies with early career researchers

National Oceanography Centre

1-1 career coaching to develop awareness of careers outside academia

Elsevier Publishing

Working on the future of publishing with European Marketing Directors


Designing and producing online and video based learning for IBM (UK) Sales

Oxford Brookes University

Team coaching and 1-1 coaching for education professionals

Open University

Leading teams of writers and media developers to design and deliver flexible distance learning

CGI | Admiral plc | Logica plc

Working with clients to train their staff online and as Admiral’s Corporate Marketing Manager

Isle of Wight Council

Coaching and support for staff affected by change and redundancy

University College London

Designing online learning for university professionals

Land Registry

Writing and sub-editing online versions of the Land Registry Annual Report

University College of Estate Management

Consulting to other universities and working with tutors to produce online learning

Royal Agricultural University
Centre for Empowering Patients and Communities

Project management of an online course to empower patients with long term health conditions

Education consulting

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