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Are former public sector workers equipped for change?

1st July 2011
Newsnight's recent programme on top tips for finding a new job gave some practical advice to individuals looking for work in the private sector after a public sector career... don't delay tailor your efforts be flexible get talking attitude matters more than age rise to the challenge. Watch the "Often the best things come out of really difficult times. That idea you've been considering, that change of…
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A true story

27th February 2011
A freelance supplier gets a call from a researcher. A telephone interview with a Producer at a video production company takes place within 30 minutes. At the end of the interview... Supplier: "So, how did you find me?" Producer: "We found your website on Google, read the client testimonials, looked you up on LinkedIn, checked you out on Twitter and saw you were a Career Coach." Supplier:…
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Public sector and local authority finance

18th December 2010
A quick post today, providing an insight into the approaches that the public sector is expected to take over the next few years: Rebalancing the Public Finances: the end of the beginning... (more…)
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Being made redundant (Part 2)

3rd December 2010
This article is the second in a series, aimed at helping you cope with redundancy before, during and after it happens – whatever role you hold now. Last week, I urged you to take time for yourself. To realise that you are not alone. To remember that it is the post - not you - that is no longer needed. And to find someone to talk to - who…
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Being made redundant (Part 1)

25th November 2010
Yesterday (24 November), the Isle of Wight Council announced that over 500 people will lose their jobs. For a small community such as ours, it is a serious blow and will affect many more people than those who actually leave the council. This article is the first in an occasional series, aimed at helping you cope with redundancy before, during and after it happens -…
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Uncertainty or opportunity?

14th August 2010
At a recent Hampshire Economic Partnership seminar, the theme repeated around the room was uncertainty. As organisations look for new ways to sustain their activity, increasing numbers of employees are facing an uncertain future. I was interested to read the Labour Market Outlook from CIPD/KPMG and want to share it with you. The tough news is that a third of employers expect to cut jobs during…
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Win public sector contracts

11th May 2010
For three years, has advertised thousands of public sector procurement opportunities worth up to £100,000 — making the website ideally suited to small and medium-sized businesses. The fee of £180 that was previously charged to search the site across the UK has been removed, providing firms with better access to public sector contracts to help their businesses grow. So, sign up, find the Invitations To…
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How good is your CV?

26th April 2010
I am increasingly supporting people in career transition. People looking for a new direction, for a new job or considering starting up in business. Some look for help with a CV, while others want to explore how better to exploit their experience, strengths and aspirations. Times change - and your current situation may no longer be what you want and need. (more…)
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Cameron visits University of Southampton

26th April 2010
Today, both Brown and Cameron visited Southampton. Cameron was at the University of Southampton in the morning - meeting the Vice Chancellor Don Nutbeam, a group of students (which the VC assured me were certainly not handpicked!) and staff from the Faculty of Engineering, Science and Mathematics. It was good to hear the robust questioning at this unscheduled interlude on the stairs in Building 37.…
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Big questions

28th May 2009
How do you know where to start these days when you want to help people learn and develop? With a variety of team and individual learning activities to choose from and a wealth of technologies that claim to offer quick and easy learning, how do you decide which route to go down? You need to ask 'big questions'. Some organisations do what they have always done,…
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Writing national guidelines to help staff manage internships and placements

St. George’s Hospital

Working on career development strategies with early career researchers

National Oceanography Centre

1-1 career coaching to develop awareness of careers outside academia

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Working on the future of publishing with European Marketing Directors


Designing and producing online and video based learning for IBM (UK) Sales

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CGI | Admiral plc | Logica plc

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Isle of Wight Council

Coaching and support for staff affected by change and redundancy

University College London

Designing online learning for university professionals

Land Registry

Writing and sub-editing online versions of the Land Registry Annual Report

University College of Estate Management

Consulting to other universities and working with tutors to produce online learning

Royal Agricultural University
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Project management of an online course to empower patients with long term health conditions

Education consulting

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