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A true story

27th February 2011
A freelance supplier gets a call from a researcher. A telephone interview with a Producer at a video production company takes place within 30 minutes. At the end of the interview... Supplier: "So, how did you find me?" Producer: "We found your website on Google, read the client testimonials, looked you up on LinkedIn, checked you out on Twitter and saw you were a Career Coach." Supplier:…
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Word clouds

25th April 2009
Word clouds are visual depictions of the word content of a document or website, automatically created. The learning word cloud you see here is derived from the words used in this website - and indicates the focus of my own work. The client self word cloud is derived from an essay I wrote at Leeds Business School titled The use of self in coaching. It…
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Courseware and Curriculum award

9th April 2009
I am delighted to hear that the new OU course, Living Political Ideas, won the Courseware & Curriculum Award at the British Universities Film & Video Council (BUFVC) Learning On Screen Awards last night. The awards celebrate and reward excellence in the use of moving image, sound and related media in learning, teaching and research. (more…)
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Making professional connections

1st April 2009
I am working on an engineering project at the moment, supporting a team that is looking to create distance learning materials. This type of work is always as much about sharing new ideas about learning and teaching as it is about the 'e' bit of e-learning, so I was looking for relevant examples of engineers/engineering academics using 'microblogging' to raise their professional profile. I wake…
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Innovative learning and teaching

27th March 2009
Learning and teaching methods are changing rapidly. Students (for students, read all of us) are learning in innovative ways, in unexpected places, with technology that opens up the possibility of new connections - with experts, with like-minded communities and with up-to-the-second content. As they always have, tutors are exploring innovative ways of teaching, seeking out content to re-use and new methods to stimulate real engagement…
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Wight Schools Competition

12th March 2009
An interesting evening on the Isle of Wight Schools Competition. Many people from many places - as near as Cowes and as far as Stockholm. Serious networking, well facilitated by the Office for Public Management. Let's see who partners with whom...
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Innovation and the environment

9th March 2009
"Better to save a unit of energy than create a new one, however you create it" (Rt. Hon. John Denham, MP) A great afternoon at the University of Southampton on Friday. Who was there? The Rt. Hon. John Denham, Secretary of State for for Innovation, Universities & Skills and MP for Southampton Itchen Professor Debra Humphris, Pro Vice-Chancellor Education Academics, business people, support agencies and…
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1,500 hits

28th January 2009
1,500 visits to this site in its first 5 months. Created December 2008. Launched 7 January 2009 (the busiest day to date with 56 hits). 1,000 users by 5 April. 1,400 hits by 19 May.  1,500 hits by 10 June.
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Your own Social Networking site?

27th January 2009
Create your own social networking site, like Facebook, for free. Designed for collaborations, workgroups and social groups all kinds, you can create a private social network (you approve membership) or a public one that's open to all. Once people have joined your network, members can share their blogs, message, post, share media and so on. Educators are increasingly using Ning for collaborations and its use…
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New OU vice chancellor (from Microsoft)

19th January 2009
Martin Bean, Open University (OU) Vice Chancellor designate, gave a talk at the OU Milton Keynes on Monday. On appointment he had said: It is an honour to have been selected as the next Vice-Chancellor of The Open University. It is a unique and amazing institution that has changed the lives of millions through its commitment to furthering social justice and to making higher education…
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