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What’s happening here?

17th August 2018
I’m working on two projects right now and they couldn’t be further apart. One is helping to prepare staff at a university to design online programmes, so it involves technical infrastructure, processes, staff development and recruiting two learning technologists to work alongside the academics. The other is for a charity and involves designing online learning and a MOOC. This project is all about health literacy…
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Stories and storytelling

6th November 2014
One of the most enjoyable aspects of my coaching work is discovering people's stories. Wherever they’re from, whatever they’re doing, however they’re feeling - everybody has something important to express. In coaching, my role is to listen, empathically, and to work hard at understanding the beliefs, values and motivations embodied in these stories. Stories prompt questions, reflection and fruitful discussion - and sometimes, the story…
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Coach yourself in Digital Marketing

8th October 2014
I designed this online Digital Marketing course with Marketing academics at the University of Southampton. It's a massive open online course (MOOC) - and it's free to join. Many thousands of people registered for the course, which started in October 2014. Even though it's no longer 'live', the teaching materials are still online, so you can coach yourself in Digital Marketing while you engage in conversation with…
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Independence and confidentiality

10th September 2014
Other factors, outside of our work lives, always impact our decisions. It's important that you feel you can share things with me so that you can make a rounded decision.
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Professional profile

21st July 2014
You have something to offer - but you need to make sure people know about it! A strong profile can lead to bright future.
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Madeline Paterson speaks at the ABP Annual Conference

14th May 2014
The Association of Business Psychologists annual conference is the key annual event for business psychologists and I was delighted to have been asked to present. I joined other speakers from NHS, HMRC, Capita, TMP Worldwide and other leading organisations. The conference had more than 30 expert sessions from a range of leading organisations speaking on 'delivering more with less'. I presented a paper titled, It's All…
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Do I Have to Have a Profession?

8th May 2014
No! This is about getting what you want from your working life.
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How to network like a pro (podcast)

22nd February 2014
A while ago, I gave a talk at NatureJobs Career Expo in London, the UK's largest career fair and conference for the scientific community. Find out how to network like a pro - and discover why introverts are great at networking in the podcast (8 minutes). Networking really isn't about business breakfasts. Nor is it about stabbing small pieces of cheese with desperation, thinking "Probably everyone else knows someone…
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How curiosity helps you

7th November 2013
Most jobs aren't advertised in your local newspaper. Be curious and identify hidden opportunities.
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Isle of Wight

19th October 2013
I'm never isolated on the island - I've communicated with and coached people from around the world whilst having a view of the sea!
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University of Southampton

Coaching, teaching and employability projects to develop researchers, staff and students


Writing national guidelines to help staff manage internships and placements

St. George’s Hospital

Working on career development strategies with early career researchers

National Oceanography Centre

1-1 career coaching to develop awareness of careers outside academia

Elsevier Publishing

Working on the future of publishing with European Marketing Directors


Designing and producing online and video based learning for IBM (UK) Sales

Oxford Brookes University

Team coaching and 1-1 coaching for education professionals

Open University

Leading teams of writers and media developers to design and deliver flexible distance learning

CGI | Admiral plc | Logica plc

Working with clients to train their staff online and as Admiral’s Corporate Marketing Manager

Isle of Wight Council

Coaching and support for staff affected by change and redundancy

University College London

Designing online learning for university professionals

Land Registry

Writing and sub-editing online versions of the Land Registry Annual Report

University College of Estate Management

Working with subject specialists to produce online learning on construction and property law

Royal Agricultural University
Centre for Empowering Patients and Communities