What can career coaching do for you?

Make a career change

You need to be able to spot opportunities and make the right choices as opportunities arise. How much more you could achieve if you were really confident and clearer about your goals and direction. My career coaching helps you to get more clarity and make a realistic plan that works.

Write CVs and prepare for interviews

If you want to move on to something that suits you better; your CV and covering letter need to be impeccable. My career coaching helps you to make an impact and to get that interview.
Madeline with colleagues planning the online Digital Marketing course.

Digital Marketing

What comes to mind when you think of marketing – pushing leaflets through doors or advertising in newspapers? In today’s connected world, our assumptions about marketing must move with the times. Replace ‘word-of-mouth’ with Twitter trends, learn about SEO, plan hoy you will make your marketing digital and more effective.

Having designed a massive online course on the power and importance of Digital Marketing, I’m best placed to bring you up-to-date with marketing in the 21st century


Online professional profile

Do you manage your online identity? Online social networks are very different from the conference circuit. Social media is already changing the professional environment within which researchers operate, so it is important to participate carefully and effectively. I teach online networking and provide career coaching that enables  you to become more professional online.

Career networking for business

Hate the idea of networking? No, you don’t need to change your personality – introverts can be great networkers! You can be authentic, be curious and connect with people on your own terms. My career coaching helps individuals and teams to develop their networks more effectively.

Move on after redundancy

Working life is unpredictable. A career goes through a series of changes and phases. One moment you feel stable and comfortable with the way things are; you know how it works, what to expect and what will happen next. The next moment, you’re forced to make a change. My career coaching helps you to adjust to…

Finding a way forward after redundancy is tough. But if you tackle it carefully, and with the support of someone who genuinely wants to help, you can move forward confidently towards a new future. I will help you to deal with the practicalities, the job search and the way you feel about your future too.


Your strengths

The best place to start developing ourselves is from our strengths – those aspects of us that give us real satisfaction. Learning about your strengths and refining your talents will help you to enjoy what you do more. It will help you to find opportunities that really make the best of your abilities.

I help you to identify your strengths, to articulate them in your CV and in interviews and to feel more optimistic about what you can do.


In the reinventing process, make two kinds of changes: small adjustments in course and deep shifts in perspective. That is not to say that small steps are inconsequential. In fact, they are often the only way to start tackling career problems that can otherwise overwhelm us.

~ Herminia Ibarra

I see interviews differently now. I can rely on myself.

~ Nicki
University of Southampton

Coaching, teaching and employability projects to develop researchers, staff and students


Writing national guidelines to help staff manage internships and placements

St. George’s Hospital

Working on career development strategies with early career researchers

National Oceanography Centre

1-1 career coaching to develop awareness of careers outside academia

Elsevier Publishing

Working on the future of publishing with European Marketing Directors


Designing and producing online and video based learning for IBM (UK) Sales

Oxford Brookes University

Team coaching and 1-1 coaching for education professionals

Open University

Leading teams of writers and media developers to design and deliver flexible distance learning

CGI | Admiral plc | Logica plc

Working with clients to train their staff online and as Admiral’s Corporate Marketing Manager

Isle of Wight Council

Coaching and support for staff affected by change and redundancy

University College London

Designing online learning for university professionals

Land Registry

Writing and sub-editing online versions of the Land Registry Annual Report

University College of Estate Management

Working with subject specialists to produce online learning on construction and property law

Royal Agricultural University
Centre for Empowering Patients and Communities